Strategy and Philosophy
Quintana typically seeks to make equity investments of $10 million to $50 million. Quintana seeks controlling ownership stakes or significant minority positions where negative control mechanisms are in place.  In either case, Quintana requires board representation and significant influence over critical capital structure, corporate governance and key strategic and operational decisions.

Quintana continues its long tradition of disciplined investing in the energy and natural resource industries by partnering with talented management and field operators to buy or build quality assets that can achieve superior returns during all phases of the industry cycle. The cornerstone of Quintana's investment philosophy is to make investments where its expertise in operating and managing assets can be utilized to accelerate and maximize value.

Quintana is grounded in the following core principles:
  • Value and respect people 
  • Believe in individual rights and open/free enterprise systems 
  • Maintain disciplined, value-oriented investment style
  • Partner with proven management teams with aligned interests 
  • Diversify portfolio when appropriate
  • Continue legacy of high integrity, fair-dealing and supportive business culture
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