About Quintana


The Robertson family traces its roots in the energy industry through four generations, commencing with the founding of Quintana Petroleum Corporation in the 1930s by Hugh Roy Cullen, Corbin J. Robertson, Jr.'s grandfather.  In addition to the operational expertise of Quintana's organization, Donald L. Evans, the former Secretary of the U.S. Department of Commerce, brings nearly three decades of experience gained during his tenure at Tom Brown,Inc., a leading independent energy company.  Under Secretary Evans' leadership, Tom Brown became a pioneer in developing the prolific natural gas resources of the Rocky Mountains.

Quintana as an investment partnership was initiated in December 2005 and closed on its initial capital commitments in August 2006.  Quintana manages capital on behalf of a range in partners, including public pension systems, university and other charitable endowments,foundations or trusts, corporations, as well as individuals and family offices.

As an organization and through its predecessor affiliates, Quintana works hard to ensure that its activities are carried out in compliance with all regulatory and environmental regimes.