Without geographic limitation, Quintana targets investments in the following areas:
  • Under-exploited conventional oil and gas producing properties
  • Unconventional oil and natural gas resources and plays
  • Proven management teams looking to start and/or grow companies
  • Cycle-tested oilfield service companies and/or management teams looking to capitalize on market opportunities, expand customer base, and/or make acquisitions
  • Hydrocarbon storage and midstream gathering, processing and transportation
  • Niche downstream processing, including refinery expansion or upgrades
  • Coal mining operations, equipment and/or infrastructure
  • Power generation, transmission and plant services including O&M
  • Engineering procurement and construction businesses with good track records, intellectual property, and/or niche skills
  • Energy-related industrial manufacturers, services companies and distributors
  • Clean coal and emission technologies
  • Renewable and alternative energy projects
  • Natural resource, mineral and shipping opportunities
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